The Gift of Digital Voice

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Technology is ever-present in schools today, but to what end? School leaders’ inspiration for this use varies from school to school. For some, technology use is driven by a desire to prepare students for online test-taking, for others, it is all about job readiness, and still others argue that it is also about engaging students growing up in a digital world.

However, the technological gift that I wish for every student at is to find a platform for giving voice to their passions and to feel that their voice is heard. When we give students the power to be creators, we give them confidence; we give students their digital voice and a source of internal strength to use it.

Here are a few options if you would like to give your students the opportunity to create.


  • It is as simple as it gets: click record, click the same button to stop and then download an mp3 that can be uploaded to Google Drive.




  • Scratch is a graphical computer programming platform
  • It is easy to start using, but can get very sophisticated as you learn more.



  • All the sharing power of Google Drive in an easy to use drawing program



  • Piktochart is an easy to use program for creating infographic pages
  • Includes a mixture of formatted text, flat design images, graphs etc.
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